Egypt Packing & Clothing Recommendations

A trip to Egypt is a significant undertaking, and many people are apprehensive or at least curious about what to bring along. When packing for a trip to Egypt, climate, culture, and local conveniences are the most important considerations. For your packing routine for this once-in-a-lifetime trip, we go into detail on each of these topics here.
Egypt’s climate is warm to hot during the day and warm to cold at night for the majority of the year. During the winter, many people are surprised to find that some nights in Egypt are cold. Heavy jackets may be worn by Egyptians at that time, but they are more of a fashion statement than anything else. When it gets coldest in Egypt, all you need is a light jacket, a sweater, or a windbreaker.
However, when packing and getting ready for a trip to Egypt, more factors than just the temperature should be taken into account. Even though the country’s latitude is roughly the same as that of the state of Florida in the United States, the lack of humidity in many parts of the country can make the heat feel much stronger on your skin during the day.
Planning for sun protection should take precedence over temperature concerns due to this combination of atmospheric conditions.

Recommendations for Clothes When packing for a trip to Egypt, feel free to select clothes in which you would be comfortable doing outdoor activities at home, such as a long city walk. Even though you don’t need to wear athletic gear, you should be able to walk comfortably over sand and rocks at some points, like the Giza Plateau and Luxor’s Valley of the Kings. You don’t have to wear a track suit, and neither do you want to wear a ball gown or suit. We like to use clothing that is suitable for comfortably walking around an urban area as an example.

Additional Factors to Consider The Sun For maximum sun protection, many Egyptian pros wear long pants, collared shirts, and long sleeves. It’s a good idea for both men and women to wear even a light scarf. There is a very good reason why traditional local attire incorporates these themes.
Culture While Egypt is primarily a traditional Islamic nation with strict social norms, it has also long relied on tourism and international trade to thrive.

Therefore, despite the fact that the majority of Egyptians dress and appear conservative, they do not anticipate foreign guests to do so. As opposed to other countries in the region, Egypt does not require women to cover their heads in public.
In addition, it is unusual for Egyptian men to wear shorts. While it is acceptable for tourists to do so, particularly at tourist attractions, it is considered odd for anyone to wear shorts while casually strolling through an Egyptian city. However, no one would ever point this out to a tourist.
Leave Behinds Cairo is one of the world’s largest cities; consequently, despite the fact that Egypt is still a developing nation, Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria, and the Red Sea resorts still provide everything you need to survive on a trip there.
You are welcome to bring your preferred brand of shampoo or soap if you are the kind of traveler who absolutely requires them. However, shampoo and soap in Egypt’s five-star hotels are frequently of higher quality than those that many of us typically use at home. Additionally, rather than wasting luggage space, hand sanitizer and sunscreen can be easily purchased locally in Egypt.
When you get to Egypt, it’s a good idea to make time for a trip to the pharmacy or mini-market so you don’t have to worry about bringing essentials from home. However, you are welcome to bring the kitchen sink if you have extra luggage space.

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