National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC), the first museum devoted to the entirety of Egyptian history, is destined to become yet another major hub for museum-goers visiting Cairo. The new permanent home of Egypt’s renowned royal mummy collection will be the museum, which will exhibit Egyptian civilization from prehistoric times to the present.
The NEMC complex includes six main galleries: The Dawn of Civilization, The Nile, Writing, State and Society, Material Culture, Beliefs and Thinking, and the Gallery of Royal Mummies. It is in the neighborhood of Fustat in Cairo, just south of the central downtown area.

In a grand, televised official procession, the enormous collection of pharaonic mummies was moved from the older Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Tahrir Square to their new permanent home at the NMED at the end of 2020.The 17 royal coffins and 22 mummies that made the journey will be displayed. Additionally, the new mega-museum will acquire objects from other well-known Egyptian museums in the capital.
NMEC will be used as a significant conservation center outside of its galleries. It will have an auditorium, centers for research and restoration, training facilities, and a publishing house. It will also keep 14 archaeological storage facilities in its basement, and UNESCO is helping to develop training and other offerings for the new museum by providing technical support.

The NMEC is different from the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) and the old Museum of Egyptian Antiquities because its collections cover all of Egyptian history, not just the country’s ancient history, as is the case in Egypt’s other top museums. However, just like the GEM, the NMEC is going to be a center for education, culture, and entertainment for Egyptians and tourists from other countries as well as a display for priceless antiques.