Night Life in Cairo

Night Life in Cairo

U Bistro & Bar is a chic bar and lounge with multiple areas that have distinct atmospheres.You enter what appears to be a run-down apartment complex in Zamalek from the bustling 26th July Street.But all you have to do to enter a new world of chic sophistication and trendy elegance is walk up the wide, winding staircase or take the old-fashioned elevator.You can go to the library-themed bar on your right or join other customers in the world of Cairo’s upper-class cocktail drinkers on your left.Additionally, there is a posh restaurant on site; however, because it is roughly 70 percent bar and 30 percent bistro, we have classified it as a bar.

Studio 70 is a bar that is smaller than the Cairo Sheraton’s main lobby but has a nice design.If you don’t have access to the executive club lounge, where they offer free wine and beer every day for happy hour, it’s a great place to have a drink or go sightseeing.Be aware, however, that at night, they frequently play the music at an excessive volume, drowning out not only your conversation partners but frequently also your internal monologue.

The Greek Club is a very nearby establishment in Cairo’s downtown, just a few blocks from Tahrir Square.Because, well, it is, the entrance has the appearance of a random, run-down apartment building.However, a quirky local restaurant and bar with a large outdoor courtyard can be found on the second floor of this building.You might see dreadlocks and tattoos rather than headscarves in this somewhat alternative establishment with a young hipster clientele.

If you want to immerse yourself in the upper-class Cairo nightlife scene one evening, Rawi is the place to be and be seen.On a Tuesday as well as a Friday night, this nightclub and lounge in the Cairo Sheraton’s north tower can be packed.However, we mean extremely late at night when we say night.It doesn’t even start until around 1 a.m., and the performances, which include excellent belly dancers and well-known Arab singers, start well after 2 a.m.They insist that you make a reservation in order to enter.They also have strict rules about how many men and women there should be, so go with a group and keep it 1 to 1.Keeping up their reputation as a bustling Cairo hotspot full of Egypt’s rich, famous, and beautiful is more important than your spending here.However, if you follow the rules and prepare for a late night, it can be really fun.

Fayrouz is a restaurant in the InterContinental Citystars hotel, about 25 minutes east of Cairo’s downtown. We categorized it under bars and nightlife because the only reason people come here for dinner is to watch live belly dancing and traditional Arab band performances.We won’t lie: the Mediterranean fare on the menu is also excellent.However, that can be found anywhere.If you want authentic Middle Eastern cuisine and belly dancing, make a reservation at this local favorite for authentic entertainment and Middle Eastern food.You can tell that this is the best because famous belly dancers are in the audience.