Sharm El-Sheikh Museum 

Sharm El-Sheikh Museum

With the opening of the Sharm El-Sheikh Museum, one of the first antiquities museums built on the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt’s museum scene now has a new and impressive addition. Although the idea for this resort town museum was first conceived in 2006, construction was not finished until late 2020, when the museum opened to the public.

The various collections on display span the entirety of Egyptian civilization, from prehistoric times to the present day. The 5,200 artifacts are displayed in three halls, with a strong emphasis on people’s daily lives during the New Kingdom.

In the Grand Hall, where visitors can see a variety of displays that reveal the importance of nature and wildlife to ancient Egyptians, whether through sanctity or domestication, this attention to the day-to-day lives of indigenous people is clearly shown. A lot of mummified animals, like cats, crocodiles, eagles, and hawks, as well as baboon and sphinx statues, are on display in particular. Visitors can look at artifacts from the Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires, as well as other civilizations that have interacted with Egypt over time, in the Hall of Civilizations. The magnificent coffins of Isetemheb, who was married to a priest and also a priestess, are noteworthy in this section of the museum. The impressive collection of canopic jars, perfume vessels, well-preserved papyri, and several statues and figurines of women are evidence of her high status.

This museum also has a notable collection of artifacts that are related to women in Egyptian history, albeit from a more recent time period. A portion of Princess Shewikar’s bedroom, which belonged to the Egyptian royal family during the time of Mohammed Ali. Chandeliers and prominent green and gold motifs characterize the room’s decor, which is reminiscent of royal residences in France or Russia. Additionally, it displays cosmetics and jewelry that were once owned by Egyptian royalty.

This step into the ancient world of days gone by makes for a good break and a different kind of morning or afternoon activity to round out your time in this picturesque city on Egypt’s south Sinai coast. There is so much to see and do in Sharm el-Sheikh, including beaches and water sports.