Tipping in Egypt – Bakshish

Tipping in Egypt - Bakshish

Is it a good idea to tip in Egypt? How much and to whom would it be a good idea for me to give?Bakshish: what is it? Read our post to learn the answers to these questions. First, keep in mind that no one has the right to make you pay a tip. However, it’s important to know that Egyptians and Europeans who live in Egypt also give tips.

Bakshish is a way to value someone’s work. In Egypt, wages are extremely low, and it is common practice to assist those whose finances are worse than our own.
Who to tip and how much in Egypt One dollar or its equivalent is thought to be the most common tip. However, leaving a single dollar for a family or group of friends does not leave a good impression.
The bus drivers who take you from the airport to your hotel typically receive the first tip. Another to the bellman who is taking care of your luggage.

Additionally, there are room cleaners, waitstaff, and bartenders, as well as drivers on optional excursions, ship crew, and guides.
If you don’t have a lot of money and can’t afford to “throw” money left and right, Poland has candy that you can give to children who ask for bakshish on the streets of Hurghada or in a Bedouin village on a safari. Please note that the sweets you purchased do not contain pork gelatin. The majority of Egyptians practice Islam, which forbids them from eating pork.
I think it would also be nice to take unwanted clothes, shoes for men, or toys from Poland and give them to the most hardworking people in hotels, for example.
less and less frequently, better in a hotel.
Dollars for the passport I often hear that it’s worth it to give a passport and dollars to the receptionist at an Egyptian hotel when you check in. The notes are intended to guarantee a better room allocation. In fact, if you tip the receptionist at many Egyptian hotels, you can get a better room. However, once you see the room, the tip is worth it.
Tips in euros are problematic because it is virtually impossible to exchange coins in Egypt. As a result, hotel or cruise ship staff frequently request that tourists exchange, say, ten euros in coins for banknotes. You can exchange the amount you want to tip in Egyptian pounds for euros if you arrived in Egypt with pounds. After that, you can give 20 Egyptian pounds in place of a € 1 coin.

The Egyptians will not have any issues with the exchange because it is only about fifty cents more for you.
Please share your thoughts on Egypt’s bakshish and tipping in the comments section.