Valley of the Queens in Luxor

Located in the Luxor area, the Valley of the Queens is a lesser-visited royal cemetery where various families of several pharaonic dynasties were buried. As the name suggests, many queens were buried in elaborate tombs befitting their status and wealth, while many princesses and even princes had their own tombs here. The valley’s most famous One such permanent resident was Nefertari, the favorite wife of Ramesses the Great. Nefertari was so beautiful and loved by Ramesses that she built a temple for her next to the largest one he now builds for himself in the Temple of Abu Her Simbel. Her tomb in the Valley of the Queens is the most elaborate and spectacular, but unfortunately it is closed to the public due to its delicate condition. However, several other tombs are usually open at all times, including those of Queen Titi, Prince Amunherkepshef, and Prince Khaemwaset. Altogether about 90 tombs are known near the Valley of the Queens, but like most of Egypt, the Valley is an active archaeological site and new discoveries are being made constantly. If he stays in Luxor at least for 1 night and 2 days, I think this site is worth a visit. It cannot be placed on the Valley of the Kings, Hapsetsut Temple, or Karnak Temple. However, you can see it all in one day, so if you’re staying for more than one day, consider adding the Valley of the Queens to your itinerary. If your car and driver are already on the east bank of the Nile where the main part of Luxor city is located, you will need to drive south for about 20 minutes and cross the river on the main large bridge. But an easy way to get to the Valley of the Queens from downtown Luxor is to take a high-speed water taxi across the river and then a West Bank taxi. This saves about 30-45 minutes of extra travel time and is much cheaper than going by taxi. And boating across the Nile is always a lot of fun. Just as the Egyptians, both kings and commoners, have been for thousands of years.

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